Carved wooden furniture

Home sweet home! This should be said by everyone, each time we cross over the threshold of our home, the place where we charge with good energy, where we find our peace. The space can be arranged using the wooden furniture, durable, original, unique and elegant. The style can differ from a rustic one to a minimalistic one, but can keep the main material the wood, same wood used by all nations that are blessed with large forests, and use it to put their own cultural mark.

When we say rustic, that does not necessarily mean that everything is made of wood, therefor creating the appearance of a cabin, but more as a living space with a familial air, which reminds of the grandparents’ house, through decorations or furniture pieces, like the decorative beams, or the chairs and table, or even the picture frames and the icons,, or the simple mirror framed in an oak wood.

Wood choice depends on the furniture piece, but also on the preferences of the clients. The wood can have fine fiber cu perfect surface without any defect, or even nodes to create an authentic effect with a particular charm. Most often, the connoisseurs look for wood with nodes, and so called defects, to suggest the naturalness of the wood, the forest creates a variety of trees and exactly this variety offers the uniqueness of the wood.
Let`s remember those chairs from grandma’s house, in which we used to sit, always waggling until the pies were ready…. Those chairs carry the mark of so many years, were simple, and passed the time challenge. Now we can have furniture adapted to the new aesthetic demands, but with the same functional and durable properties. The furniture can be left with its own shade, just varnished, or it can be painted in the wanted shade to fit with your requirements.

The wooden furniture can be seen on terraces, balconies and gazebos: tables, chairs and benches that fit perfect with the ambient of the garden, and simplicity always gives a quiet note. We all feel the need to escape from the daily agitation, and what can be better than just relaxing in your own terrace, or in a special place arranged in the garden. The furniture is usually small dimensions, easy to transport, and the design can be simple, but worked with a lot of finesse in the small details, to make common ground with the garden.

A rustic kitchen with sculpted furniture can be the dream of every housewife, tired of the conventional materials used on large scale by all de furniture producers. The furniture can be adapted to the most modern kitchen apparatus, without forgetting that we still live in the speed century. The furniture is easy to maintain and does not require special attention, being treated with oils and special varnishes, meant to offer all the properties necessaries to such living space (moisture, heat, fungus, and insects). The wooden furniture combines the functionality with naturalness, facing even the most exigent tastes, is unique and also often met, but can give a special note to your living space. Being used since the oldest times, the wood inspires, being dynamic and fickle.