Maramures gates, crucifixes, crosses and more

sculptura in lemn Teo Barsan

I perform custom made works in solid oak and other trees, with sculpture or without, from small objects up to a buildings (glasses, one-piece chains, trays, chairs, tables, beds, shutters, staircases, indoor furniture or outdoor furniture (garden swings, gazebos, patios, balconies, gates of Maramures with 2 to 14 poles, churches, attics, houses, spoons, statues, bears, horses, soldiers, pavilions - new models - customized, altarpieces, iconostasis, crosses, crucifixes, church furniture and many other works by ideas and preferences of customers.

Some words about the work realized

- the cups, the plates, spoons and forks are made from soft wood - willow, lime or poplar

- one-piece chains are also made of soft wood ,light weighted, being hollowed and carved from a massive piece so it can be drawn with a special technique, links one by one, resulting in a chain of wood without jointing procedures or bonding. What is very interesting is that these chains are the final timber is with a few inches or centimeters longer than initial piece;

- the simple trays or the ones with chains are made like all small objects from wood easy to work with, that makes them very beautiful, and even create plates, glasses, cutlery from the same wood piece

- - in terms of interior furniture - tables, chairs, beds, chairs, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, shelves, pegs and other items they can be made from many types of materials such as cherry, walnut, oak, plum , black locust, beech, fir, larch, willow, poplar, maple, lime; all these essences have a great texture because of the fibers on more frequent or rare, dashed inside the timber; Interior work can be performed in a rustic original shape , or very well finished and varnished after any project, model or idea.

- outdoor furniture furniture (swings, gazebos, tables and chairs or benches, coffee served areas, pergolas, fences) is made from fir or oak; for these works there is a wide range of models; some coming from their clients, others created with the customers, other adapted after existing works, executed in other types of materials.