Gazebos (Filogerii)

There are a lot of terms to indicate a certain construction from the property of a man in which the family often retreats in the summer for relaxation or to have a meal. Either we talk about a gazebo , or a pavilion, we can think of that certain construction mentioned before.

But how is a gazebo made?

First, the area of the construction is placed, then the digging, the foundation, which is not necessarily massive, solid, considering that a gazebo is not heavy. Then, depending on the geometrical shape chosen in advance, we can calculate the material, the design and so on. Any shape the gazebo has, it can come out really great only if it is proportionally constructed. The classic gazebo has a square shape, or rectangle shape. As the shape is more complicated, of course the price will increase.

I had the opportunity to realize a lot of pavilions, many of them very useful and very large, and spacious. Besides the normal opening of the gazebo, I have added mini-verandas in which two armchairs and a table can be placed, some sort of siesta space where you can relax drinking a coffee, smoking a cigarette sitting comfortable in an armchair.

I made another circular model gazebo with a lot of pilings that had a ladder that goes to a mini-mansard. This can be really useful in the summer, when after a long party you can rest in the mansard, and not to in the house to sleep.
The pillars that hold the construction will be made from sculpted oak wood, creating a rustic gazebo covered with shingle. If a modern gazebo is asked, the pillars have to be also from oak wood, that will be left simple, thus creating a modern look.

When talking about the furniture of a gazebo, the choices are opened. First, we need a folding table, or made by a craftsman, or more spectacular from massive wood. The same thing can be applied to the chairs. We can also make cupboards for the condiments, plates, cutlery, glasses, so no need for carrying them back and forward, especially that even a sink can be installed to wash the dishes after use.

Therefore, when the weather conditions are good, a gazebo can become the ideal temporary house.