The iconostasis is a partition that separates the nave from the altar, decorated with icons, and is Jewish continuity curtains during the partition that had the same role. The iconostasis is summed up by icons the entire life of the church, going over the history of salvation. It not only plays a separating role but also an union of heaven and earth, the world with divinity.

True beauty and spiritual places, the wooden churches are welcoming, warm, have nothing cold or solitary but are alive, familiar part of Romanian village life, expressing man's love for God and unshakeable faith in Him. Rural Church breathes the nature air of national identity value representing the artistic expression of the community.

The iconostasis must comply with the structure and design: in the middle are the imperial doors, followed by the Deacon`s doors, and above are spaces for three or more rows with icons, and the cross in the middle framed by other two icons. The most common models are the iconostases which have a very complex sculpture, loaded with many vegetal-stylized floral motifs representations. It is worth mentioning that the sculpture on the iconostasis is done mainly through professional machines, which make them fit in the type series. Although in the finishing chisels are used, the iconostasis are very similar to each other. A major limitation of these types of iconostasis is the lack of adaptability to space of the church, sometimes necessary handmade additions spoil the look of the work unit. In contrast to the above, we bring creativity and originality combined with canonical requirements. Although some equipment is needed for the preparation of the materials, the sculpture is entirely manual. In terms of structure iconostases have many dimensions: the ones for the cathedral, much higher, the churches and the small chapel.

The originality note is given by using as many Christian symbols taken from the essence of the Savior`s learning. When you step threshold of a church you must find peace, hope and trust, all these spiritual values that are given by the environment created by artisans hand but also from the divine component that is present in every corner of the place of worship and at the same time in each of us.