Summer altars

Just imagine how beautiful it is to participate in a summer day outdoor liturgy, where believers gather all around a summer altar! Such shrines are found disseminated through backyards churches and monasteries, shrines where the council of priests officiate for the thousands of people on the Holy Mass on Sundays or holidays, lots of believers who do not fit in Church and listen to God's Word in the open.

Summer altars are mostly made of wood, oak wood that is more durable and the sculpture is much better done. In addition, sustainability of hardwood is certified in time, witness stands wooden churches of Maramures throughout the country. Summer altars are covered with shingle roof of traditional Romanian fir beaten manual, as once was made throughout the country.

Form altars may vary depending on the size of each desire, so we see small rectangular or square, large, hexagonal or circular, framed by carved pillars. These columns, pillars are carved with geometric, inspirational Christian Maramures various motifs. The posts merge with beautiful vaulted arches on that we can hang traditional popular towels or suspended flowerpots, to make it more beautiful and make it a pleasing place. An altar space must be large because the council of priest, officiating must have some freedom of movement during the celebration of the Divine Liturgy. The purpose of such a construction is to provide better visibility and a more active participation in service, but at the same time much larger space available to people, some churches are sometimes too small for celebration.

The decoration of such buildings depends on your taste but also on framing the existing complex of works: church, bell, cemetery, fountain, and museum.

Also in the wood of the altars we can realize icons, to honor and good thought. The whole altar can be varnished or painted, but with special oils for weather resistance.

Foundation for such a summer altar is made of concrete clad with river stones, which gives naturalness and durability of construction.
An example is the summer altar of Barsana Monastery, which oversees in the center of the monastery`s complex and around which gather thousands to watch the celebration.