Wood roofs

You cannot design a building, regardless of its nature, without having a roof .Especially in mountain areas where weather conditions, like rain and snow, are abundant and require a slope roof, wooden. Wooden roofs are used to cover monuments, fountains, pavilions or houses. In structure, roofs must be considered as massive size of beams, horn that will support the roof covering. There are several options for covers: modern materials can be used on a wood frame, but if the whole house is wood, then obviously the best look is a wood roof. In this case is shingle roof, shingle that can to be in a corner or three corners.

Usually the roofs are designed by architects but with all the math, angles, inclinations, roof slopes can contain an error, making them, unsuitable aesthetically. So that a roof can be flawless, we must use the human eye, and through a suitable template for building inclination angle can be determined. Roofs can be realizes in an economical way so they form an attic, functional living spaces for bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens. The space of a house can be exploited by proper arrangement of the place under the roof – attic that can serve as storage space efficient.

Roofs should be well anchored to the actual building, with clamps, threaded rods, not to dislodge at a strong wind or storms of greater intensity (as often announces the news channels).
The wood used for the roof has to be treated with specific maintenance solutions: fireproof, antique, mold, and special varnish or paint the wood for more diverse colors.
Used Beams can turn into decorative ones; they can be carved with various motifs or symbols that can be found in other elements of the house, thus achieving a personal and original whole.
\ Often attics give a home personality by unusual inclination -by curves, or by spectacular overlapping. There are roof terraces which shade or shelter garage, taking under protection not only the home but also its dependencies. Lofts are welcoming space offering privacy to owners, it is a space that urges creativity, and is always under the open sky, suggesting the idea of nest protection.